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The Carolina Haints Podcast

Mar 13, 2020

The season three finale tells the legend of the mysterious Moon-Eyed People, a Cherokee legend about the true indigenous people of the area. 

Feb 28, 2020

This episode focuses on three famous murder ballads with North Carolina origins, "Frankie and Johnny," "Poor Ellen Smith" and "Tom Dooley."

Feb 14, 2020

Between 1992 and 1994, the city of Charlotte was besieged by a serial killer known for raping and strangling his victims.  

Jan 31, 2020

August 27th, 1891 was a date marked by tragedy as the worst train wreck in North Carolina history takes place in Statesville.  It's a tragedy that keeps repeating, some say on the anniversary of the event.  

Jan 17, 2020

Historical homes are notorious for housing the ghosts of their pasts.  The Mordecai House in Raleigh and the High House in Cary are no exception.  Their beauty and historical significance to their communities are matched by the legends surrounding their existence.